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In the framework of implementation of the regional target program "Development of small and medium enterprises in REGION 2008 - 2012 years," June 1, 2011 created a structural unit Novgorod Foundation to Support Entrepreneurship - "Regional Coordination Centre to support export-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises" (hereinafter - Center).
The center was established in accordance with the order of Ministry of Economic Development of Russia from May 20, 2011 № 227 "On the organization of competitive selection of the subjects of the Russian Federation, with a budget in 2011, provides grants to fund activities in the framework of state support for small and medium business entities of the Russian Federation."
The center is organized for the purpose of information and analysis, consulting and organizational support for foreign economic activity of small and medium enterprises, promoting the expansion of the export sector of the economy, increasing the volume of exports of finished products (goods and services) produced by small and medium enterprises as well as the output of export- oriented small and medium enterprises in foreign markets.
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Address 173021, Veliky Novgorod, Kochetova st., 30.
Phone/Fax (8162)67-00-22, 67-02-84, 67-02-83
E-mail tnl@ncpe.ru
Web-site http://www.ncpe.ru

Structure of the center

Matushkin Vladislav
Director of the Center

Phone: 8-8162-67-02-84

E-mail: tnl@ncpe.ru